Updated RSU18 Curriculum

This page is an attempt to provide faculty with another location to easily access our RSU18 Curriculum Documents.  For a link to our curriculum visit: http://resources.rsu18.org/educate/Resources

(PDF Curriculum Updated as of 12/2013, New updates coming Sept. 2015)

NEW TEACHER TRAINING:  Understanding the RSU18 Curriculum

RSU18 Strategic Plan (the backbone of our transition to proficiency based education for all of our students):  https://messalonskeehs.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/rsu18_strategic-plan.pdf

TAXONOMY of Learning & Essential Questions

Taxonomy Slides with Curriculum Model-1

The Taxonomy is especially important when designing units.  The goal is to match the taxonomy level with that of the scale (2-3-4) to ensure the lessons & tasks you create for students are addressing the learning at the appropriate levels.

English Language Arts

ELA Pathway: Pathway_ELA_8-2013

ELA Curriculum: RSU18 2013-2014 ELA CURRICULUM

Health Curriculum



Math Pathway: Pathway_MATH_8-2013

Math Curriculum: RSU18 2013-2014 MATH CURRICULUM

Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum: RSU18 2013-2014 PHYSICAL EDUCATION CURRICULUM


Science Pathway: RSU18 2013-2014 SCIENCE CURRICULUM

Science Curriculum: RSU18 2013-2014 SCIENCE CURRICULUM

Social Studies

Social Studies Pathway: Pathway_SocialStudies_8-2013

Social Studies Curriculum: RSU18 2013-2014 SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULUM

Teacher Educate Information:EmpowerTrainingMay23rd2014

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