MHS Graduates go out in Style

We at Messalonskee couldn’t be more proud of our student body and the way they have embraced the motto to “Be the change”.  They have risen time and again to show us that by including them in the decisions of their school, by honoring their voice while still setting a high bar for them to reach – they nearly always “Shine”.

Although graduation is traditionally a time for celebration of the accomplishments of the graduates, the class of 2016 chose to pay it back to their younger peers in RSU18 by Marching through the halls of two of our elementary schools and our Middle School.  After a long 3 hour marching practice our MHS Graduates took time out of their pre-celebration days to enjoy and give back…

The scene was amazing.  Next year we are in hopes of having our graduates march through the Bean and Belgrade schools as well!

Congratulations to the families, friends, and faculty who have helped usher these young men and women reach their graduation!  And of course, congratulations to our graduates from the class of 2016.  You will be missed!!!

Link to’s graduation story.

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Senior Beach

I couldn’t have said it better… A wonderful class of seniors who have helped make MHS the amazing place that it is. They will be missed!

RSU 18 Messenger

The senior prank has long been an MHS tradition.  They are not always well thought out, and have often been somewhat ill advised and a real pain for the staff to clean up.

Enter the seniors of 2016.  On Wednesday, June 2nd, seniors started arriving at MHS as early as 4:45 am to reinvent a designated area of the student parking lot.  With the help of a few truck loads of sand, a volleyball net, lounge chairs and kiddie pools, they created their own beach day without leaving campus.

Senior Beach

The prank was creative, collaborative, and just plain fun.  And to add to the charm of their hijinks, they actually cleaned up after themselves!  “I bet they spent an hour and a half afterwards returning the parking lot to its prior state,” school resource officer, Detective Tracey Frost said in a post concerning the event. “This class is special.”

Well done…

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RSU 18: A Standard for Excellence in Maine Public Education.

Great article on why we all should consider the positive return on investment we get for each educational dollar spent in RSU18.

RSU 18 Messenger

Every Vote Counts

In tough economic times there are always reasons to tighten the belt, but as Dr. Cook mentioned at a recent budget meeting, sometimes the more important step is to look at what you are getting with the money you are currently spending.

This year’s budget is up by only 0.65% over last year. Not many school districts can say that, and certainly few districts have accomplished as much with as little.  Here is just a short list of some of the benefits the district has to offer:

  • A significant increase in district NWEA scores.
  • A rapidly growing Farm to School program that teaches students valuable skills.   
  • Robotics teams that help students learn technology in a hands on way that also fosters problem solving, curiosity, collaboration, and communication.
  • A performing arts program that has seen a large number of alumni go on to have a career in that field.
  • A…

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Our May Students of the Month!

Messalonskee is pleased to announce our May Student of the Month award winners!


Steven, Ryan, Cameron, and Taylor epitomize the amazing diverse qualities that we have come to see in the SOM recipients over the past three years.  Each has contributed to our school and local community and set an example of the positive impact MHS students can have!

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As always they were joined on stage with their families who helped celebrate their accomplishments.


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Messalonskee’s April Students of the Month

Each month a committee of MHS teachers (the “Culture Club”) come together to sort through nominations and select a student of the month.  Students who are selected are chosen for their contribution to the school, their academic performance and growth, and their citizenship.  The SOM assemblies, as they are called, are a highlight of the month for us and a chance to recognize not only that Month’s students but also the contributions made by many in our Messalonskee school community.

On April 29th we were pleased to honor another wonderful group of students at our monthly SOM assembly in the PAC.  This Month the group was larger than normal, as one of the awardees from March was out sick and was recognized with the April students.

SOM April16

Markiana, Alexis, Zach, Patrick and Brandon were honored as their efforts at MHS have come to Epitomize how students can broadly impact their school in so many different ways.  In addition to the pin, certificate, shirt and extreme honor of the award, the Senior SOM will be given the closest parking spot at Messalonskee for the duration of the following month (May).

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In addition to our student awards, we was pleased to honor Dr. Andy Cook, Messalonskee volunteer and RSU18 school board member, who was awarded the Governor’s  service pin and certificate for over 300 hours of community service tutoring students at MHS.  Dr. Cook’s efforts have been a great example for all of us (students and adults alike), of how adults can give back to their community’s schools by volunteering.

VolunteerAward Cook


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Holocaust Remembrance Project

RSU 18 Messenger

YomHashoah-postcard-16-front-1024x736A few months ago, district music teacher, Pam Rhein, had the idea of honoring great music that expresses the wide range of emotion and historical background of the Holocaust.  Unbeknownst to her, a Holocaust survivor on the board of the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine had been touting the need to get more young people involved in the Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony. This request coincided perfectly with Mrs. Rhein’s visit to the center and the project took off from there.

Mrs. Rhein applied for and received an Oak Grove-Coburn grant, which allowed the RSU 18 choral program to collaborate with a renowned recording engineer, John Baker, whose work has been nominated for several Grammy awards. Along with Mr. Forster and several of his Music Production students, the choral students took part in a first class recording experience.

The two day recording event on April 27th and April…

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MHS’s March Students of the Month!

On March 31st Kelsey Dillon, Alden Balboni, and Gabby Languet were honored as our March Students of the Month!

SOM March

A faculty committee chose the students from pool of students submitted for the award by staff at MHS. As is always the case, this group of students were presented the award at a whole-school assembly in honor of their efforts in and out of classes at MHS.

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This Friday we will be having our April SOM Assembly to honor another group of students including the missing freshmen student from the month of March.

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