Making Music in RSU 18 for 35 Years

The students at Messalonskee get a K-12 music education that is bar-none. Check out this wonderful story on the RSU18 blog!

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IMG_1847Thirty-five years ago, an old window van pulled into the MHS parking lot, prompting rumors among the custodial staff that Ralph Atwood was hiring hippies.  The new arrivals were actually two young music professionals who would become an integral part of RSU 18’s Visual and Performing Arts program.

Pam and Kevin Rhein always knew they wanted to live in Maine, but when they first graduated from Westminster Choir College, the Maine Department of Education encouraged them to get some teaching experience first and so they went to Reno, Nevada instead.

It wasn’t until Messalonskee High School’s then chorus teacher, Gerry Wright, went back to school to get his teaching credentials that the right opportunity presented itself. As Kevin Rhein tells the story,  “I was doing the phone interview with Ralph Atwood and he, laughingly, said, “Your wife wouldn’t happen to be an elementary school music teacher, would she?”  And I…

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RSU18 High School, Central Maine; The EAGLES
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