LOCKERS… “Why no #’s on our Schedules?”


“My schedule always had my locker combination on it – why doesn’t it now???”

This, an excerpt from a student email I received recently, has been a common question from students and parents following our summer mailing last week.

My response (abridged) – “We decided to let you choose your locker this year!”

Answer “Really???  I like it!  Thank you!!!”

I share this not only because of the wonderful use of punctuation, something I’m known for, but also because it is a change in practice at MHS that was brought on by student feedback.

Last year several students approached me about lockers and the challenges they presented for students as they never seemed to meet the two key criteria students felt were most important:  1) In a location near their classes, 2) In a location near their friends.  When talking to a group of 8th graders this spring they had the same concern about lockers.   Additionally, the parent advisory group shared the concern that student backpacks were far too heavy and questioned why students didn’t use their lockers…

MHS has made a change to “Choose your locker”.

Process for selecting a locker:  Mr. Bouchard will be taking requests and assigning lockers for students.  Individual lockers will be honored when possible, but the priority will be to provide students a locker in the area they select (third floor hallway, athletic wing, etc.).  Starting with the freshmen orientation, students will be encouraged to sign-up for a locker.

As always, give us your feedback and we will do our best to listen, respond, and when it makes sense – make changes.

School starts in two weeks; see you on the 27th!

About Messalonskee High School

RSU18 High School, Central Maine; The EAGLES
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