Get out the Vote! Budget Cut to 1.9%…

This has been a trying budget season for all.  With “cut the fat” comments, as well as misleading and made-up information being circulated by some, I wanted to make a post in support of the budget prior to the June 30th vote.

I believe we have great schools, with strong teachers, good and just leaders, and amazing students.  I also believe we need to balance spending and be responsible to our constituencies.  This is why I will vote to approve the school budget on Tuesday, June 30th.

Is RSU18 really responsible with money?  Yes.  A 1.88% overall increase IS responsible and far below the historical inflation rate.  Our district has less than a .5% (yes – less than 1/2 of 1 percent) increase over the last six years – five times less than the rate of inflation over that period.  RSU18 spends less per student than any neighboring district and far less than comparably sized school units.  Our schools are frugal and responsible.

Now is the time to support our leaders, our teachers, and our students.  Now is the time to support our schools.

How?  Either by absentee ballot (deadline this Friday for most towns, call your town office or swing by) or in person – Vote June 30th!

The best posts I’ve read on the budget have come from Principal Jenny McGee and from Board Member Bob Bennett.  I have included both below and encourage you to read them and share with others the need to vote on June 30th!

Atwood Principal’s Blog by Jenny McGee

Open Letter on the RSU18 Budget by Board Member Bob Bennett

The Principal’s blog budget post from May highlights some other metrics on the original school budget.

Thank you,

Go Eagles!

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