Oacaxan Animals

Ms. DeWan is one of our tremendous Art teachers. This blog post speaks to the quality of work our students produce and the tremendous teachers we have guiding them. Take a look at the work! We hope to see you soon at MHS…

Janna DeWan

IMG_0219 Pair of Turtles, Freshman

IMG_0221 Pair of Turtles, back side

I am obsessed with color and patterns.  In my own work, I become mesmerized by intricate patterns.  It becomes a meditation for me.  I easily get lost in my work this way.  I was hoping to instill this notion of mindfulness and meditation through an art project, so I designed a lesson based on the animal wood carvings created by Oaxacan artisans.

IMG_0246 Peacock, Senior

Oaxacan wood carvings are delicately carved and then intricately painted.  We used balsa foam to carve our animals.  Carving through a subtractive method created quite a challenge!  It was difficult to envision an animal appearing out of this block of foam.  My students were very nervous, but with many nudges, they created amazing pieces.

IMG_0245 Moose-Possum, Sophomore

My students surpassed any of my expectations.  It all started with a freshman who started painting her sculpture first (the turtles…

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