RSU18 Budget Unveiled

As Principal I spend a lot of time with our school and district budget.  It’s a hard process each year, but one that I am proud of and one that I believe reflects well on our RSU18 staff.  From Bus Drivers to teachers, to administrators and support staff, it is my belief that we do well by our local communities.

Information on the 2015-16 budget can be found at:

Information on past budgets can be found at:

This weekend I was asked about the budget (as a long-time resident with three kids moving through the district, I’m often approached with questions).  Below are some points I would share about our budget and the budgeting process.

Our district spending over the past five to six years has been very responsible:

RSU18 Budget 4.12% increase since 2011-12 (avg. increase of less than 1%/ year over that time frame).

Neighboring districts: Augusta – 8.15%, Maranacook – 10.85%, Waterville – 11.8%, Winslow 4.79% (Note: MSAD49 information not yet out for 2015-16)

RSU18 is frugal with their spending based on the per-student spending as reported by the state when compared both to state averages as well as the surrounding school communities.

RSU18 per-student spending: $11,524

Neighboring districts: Augusta – $12,714, Maranacook – $13,878, Waterville – $11,742, Winslow – $11,835.

RSU18 Comparison Data

(2013-14 Maine School Expense Category Comparison)

RSU18 does well by kids…  As principal of Messalonskee High School I have seen us work to better the education of the students in our building over the past four years.  The teaching staff has been flexible, increased a larger variety of offerings for students, and managed to consistently raise scores each year (as reported by state testing).   Last year we were one of only two High Schools in our area to receive a “B” on the state report card.  Although this year’s report cards will not be coming out, MHS scores were again up – 11 points above the state average score in reading and 9 points in Math (SAT test, Spring 2014).

Complete information on the 2015-16 budget can be found at:  Information on past budgets can be found at:


Some key dates to get more information on the proposed 2015-16 budget.

Public Hearings in Towns:  

4/13 – Oakland Public Information Meeting – Messalonskee Middle School, 6:00 pm

4/14 – Sidney Public Information Meeting – James H. Bean School, 6:00 pm

4/15 – Belgrade/Rome Public Information Meeting – Belgrade Central School, 6:00 pm

4/16 – China Public Information Meeting – China Middle School, 6:00 pm

RSU18 District Budget Hearing

5/7 – District Budget Hearing (citizens discuss, make motions, and vote on the budget to be presented to communities) – Messalonskee High School PAC, 6:00 pm

RSU18 Budget Validation Referendum (vote)

5/19 – District Vote on RSU18 15-16 budget (All communities)


The process for finalizing the School Board’s budget is well under way; if you have feedback or suggestions I suggest you reach out to your local board member to express those (Board Budget likely finalized for voters on 4/1/2015).   As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have pertaining to the budget or other items related to our work at MHS.

I hope to see you at one of the community meetings, the District Budget Hearing(5/7) and at the polls on May 19th!

About Messalonskee High School

RSU18 High School, Central Maine; The EAGLES
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