Messalonskee’s Own Jacob Doyon Recognized

In my last student of the month post I spoke about the students we have and how many do amazing things that we (the public) often miss.  As Principal you’d think I’d be privy to every nuance of our students lives, I’m often surprised about the volume of accomplishments our students garner without my knowing.  Just last night I watched 7 capable young women share 3 community service projects with the RSU18 school board, and learned how significantly each had impacted the lives of people (and animals) in our community.

In the case of Jake Doyon though, I thought I was 100% up to speed as I had the opportunity to help write a letter supporting his nomination for Frank J. Gaziano Offensive Lineman award this Fall on the heels of a tremendous season for our Eagles.  I knew that Jacob was a tremendous football player, strong in the classroom, a solid role model and school citizen, and a very positive young man.  The article below by Travis Lazarczyk does a great job pointing out what many of us already knew about Sr. Jacob Doyon

Credit:  Staff photo by Michael G. Seamans , Morning Sentinel

Credit: Staff photo by Michael G. Seamans , Morning Sentinel 

Front and center in our student handbook you will find our “Code of Cooperation”.  It was developed by our student-body and staff three years ago, and has stuck as a mantra of what we believe is important for all in our Messalonskee School Community to follow:

MHS Code of Cooperation

Just last night I noticed a post made by Peter Hallen, Director of the Mid-Maine Technical Center, about Mr. Doyon on their facebook page: .    Wow!   – I was once again surprised by one of our students (one I thought I was “100% up to speed” on… )  This was a reminder to me that although many of our students spend only half their time in our building (Jacob being one) what they are doing outside our walls is often equally as impressive as what we see here.

If you have a chance, take a moment and check out the Mid-Maine Technical Center and all they offer our students.  One of my favorite events, the local MMTC Skills Competition, showcases the students in action and is coming right up on February 3rd from 4:30 – 7:30 at MMTC.  I strongly suggest that if you haven’t done so, you take a trip to MMTC to see our students compete!

Takeaway:  High School is what you make of it – and Jacob has certainly taken advantage of the opportunities before him both at MHS and at MMTC.  The Technical Center’s often overlooked offerings provide another opportunity for our students to shine in ways you and I might miss, but ways that will certainly help them along the road of life.



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