February 2015: From the Principal’s Pen….Money, Money, Money

Mrs. McGee always finds a way to take life’s lemons (or mistakes) and make them lemonade (in this case, for all of our benefit).

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My husband and I currently have four children in college. Our first child entered college six years ago. At that time, I realized I had forgotten to do something very, very important…save money for college. After that, the other three college-bound children, one at a time, packed up and left…further punctuating the fact that I had forgotten to save money for this very expensive endeavor.

I really hate everything about money. I hate talking about it. I hate dealing with it. I hate spending it. I once had to sit down in JCPenney’s when I was buying my two year old son’s sneakers because I thought I was going to faint. I am not kidding. I usually bought my children’s clothing second hand, but I understood that sneakers needed to be brand new and fit exactly to your child’s feet.   Remember this was in 1992, and when they handed me…

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1 Response to February 2015: From the Principal’s Pen….Money, Money, Money

  1. janet Hutchinson says:

    Great post from Jen Mcgee, thanks for sharing Jon.

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