All-Sports Boosters moving to expand its reach.

Last month I shared with you that a core group of parents, alumni and members of the administration had come together to discuss the future of the All Sports Boosters (Boosters). Much has happened since my first update.



The group has spent many hours discussing the opportunities and challenges that the Boosters has recently faced, reviewing best practices among high schools throughout that state, and how to expand the reach of the Boosters to the broader parent, alumni and the communities in our district.

To that end, the group has identified:

  • Short-term plan for covering the upcoming winter season fundraising activities
  • Developed a governance model that is follows the best practices of other school districts across the state
  • Expanded the structure of the Boosters to include Messalonskee Middle School.


Administrative Commitment

One of the areas identified as a challenge was the unclear role that the coaches and administration played or wanted to play in Boosters. To that end, the administration has


  • Dedicated resources to assist the Boosters with its fundraising programs for the winter season
  • Committed administrative support via attendance of the Athletic Director at all Boosters meetings as well as a partnering with Boosters to leverage support from the coaching staff


Expanding Governance

To ensure that all sports are represented equally as well as to ensure the Boosters are managed in accordance with best practices, the Boosters will have a Board of Directors, each varsity sport will elect a parent representative who will serve a one-year term on the Board. In addition to these representative, there will also be 6 board representatives from the Middle School (1 girls team, 1 boys team representative from each season). Team representatives may only represent a single sport (i.e. a parent may not represent boys soccer and girls basketball), the intent is to offer opportunity for many parents to get involved.



The role of the team representative is to serve as liaison for the All Sports Boosters with the coaching staff and parents of team regarding support and business of the All Sports Boosters. Representatives shall uphold the by-laws of the Messalonskee All Sports Boosters and adhere to the policies of the Messalonskee Public Schools.



  • Attend monthly meetings (11 per year)
  • Responsible for conducting (via attendance and voting privileges) the daily business and operations of the All Sports Boosters
  • Active participation in one or more of the All Sports Boosters sub-committees

Should the team representative have to step down the alternate will become the team representative.



Must have a child or ward on the official roster of the sport he/she is representing. Should the athlete be removed from or quit the team, the alternate team representative will become the team representative.


I am tremendously excited about the positive cooperative approach the group took in creating and adopting the new bylaws (to be shared soon) and am optimistic about its future with this new structure in place.  More news to come soon!

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RSU18 High School, Central Maine; The EAGLES
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