All Sports Boosters

As many are aware our All-Sports Boosters program has had some challenges this fall, and I wanted to address them as well as the steps we, at MHS, are going to take to ensure that the program continues to positively serve our students as it has consistently done during the many years its been in existence.

A key point: Messalonskee will have an All-Sports Boosters program, not separate boosters programs. This is an important point as it is one that is grounded both in terms of what is best for kids, as well as what makes sense legally, ethically and pragmatically.


It is import to state at the outset that it isn’t anyone’s fault that Boosters is at this place that it is at. It’s certainly not the fault of the officers and volunteers who have given their time on behalf of the program. The current issues are the result of a lack of involvement.


How do we get back on the right track?

When a student brings a problem to me I ask some questions:

  1. Ask the student questions like: What role did you play in the situation and what could you have done differently?
  2. And then I ask: What are you going to do differently now to ensure the outcome you are looking for comes to fruition?

As I answer these questions for myself I think – “What should I be doing to help ensure our Boosters program is successful?”, “How could I have better communicated the importance of this being an all-sports Boosters – one that unites our programs under our school slogan… EAGLE PRIDE?”, “How will our school better help to facilitate this great work that benefits our students?”


Next Steps?

We are holding a Boosters meeting on Monday, September 29, at 6:00 in our Library. We will begin by talking a little about the history and impact of the All-Sports Boosters as well as the school’s perspective on why the group must remain an all-sports program. From here it is my hope that we can talk about what we need to do to make the program successful and sustainable. We will discuss the challenges that the group has faced and work to begin to establish a plan to address them.  We believe that this collaborative approach is the best way to ensure that our All-Sports Boosters Program is here to benefit all Messalonskee athletes for years to come.


I hope to see you on the night of the 29th!


Thank you,

Jon Moody


About Messalonskee High School

RSU18 High School, Central Maine; The EAGLES
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One Response to All Sports Boosters

  1. Jill Hall says:

    I am no longer part of the district do my views are informational only from a now outsider looking in. However, my Aunt and Uncle were extremely instrumental in beginning the Messalonskee All Sports Boosters and for seven years, my parents helped raise money for the athletes of the Messalonskee School district. I do believe it is extremely important that the boosters stay an ALL Sports boosters. With that being said, has it been considered to garner support for the sales booths outside of the ‘in season’ sport? My point being, while my son plays soccer, I don’t want to be selling food in the booth. However, during basketball season, I could happily run the concession stand because I do not have a child playing. For the seven years my brother and I were in high school, my parents were in charge of supplying, manning and cleaning up the football concessions. However, they never dealt with concessions during basketball or field hockey.

    Just trying to help think outside the ‘booth’, so to speak…..Good Luck!

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