Ice Bucket Challenge

“Why would anyone video themselves dumping a bucket of ice over their heads” – this was my comment to my wife who showed me a video of someone a few weeks back doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  As a baseball fan and lover of history, Lou Gherig’s earnest and heart warming speech in 1939 was fresh enough in my memory that I recognized what ALS was and understood the cause – but still, a bucket of ice & water?

Then, upon being nominated, I thought of the speeches I’ve given to our students (some not so interesting I recognize…) about stepping up and making a difference one person at a time, and what seemed an important cause but not personal, became personal.

So… Below is my ice bucket challenge.  I encourage anyone who reads this post to step up and give of themselves to help others.  Whether it be donating to the ALS foundation as I did as part of this challenge, or mowing a lawn for someone in need, giving is good and I encourage you to follow suit as it is part of what makes our community so special.

Note: I look forward to seeing Ms. Callan, Mr. Bowers, Mr. Smith, and Mrs. McCarthy’s post.  Check out SRO Frost’s video as he joined the Oakland Police Department in doing the challenge yesterday.

Go to the ALS Association website to donate and join in! 

I look forward to seeing everyone next week as we start another amazing school year – Go Eagles!



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