Senior Prank… (s)

So, as a principal, the term “senior prank” isn’t something that necessarily brings about comfort or peace of mind – it generally brings about concern.  A few years back my truck was actually put up for sale (although no takers at $1 before I got to the sign…)

MHS For Sale

On Monday morning I was informed that our school had been put up for sale locally through some creative marketing (washable window paint – thank you).

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And this morning at 6:00AM, while getting ready for school, Tracey Frost (school resource officer) texted me the pictures below.  Balloons and cupcakes covered every square inch of the office…  I even found balloons in the freezer!



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Again, Senior pranks are not something that brings comfort to the mind of a principal, but…  I’ve got to admit that the approach taken by these culprits was one that demonstrated a level of tact and class that is indicative of the type of student Messalonskee is known for.  Like those that have come before them, we will certainly miss our seniors.  For me in the future, anytime I hear the term senior prank, the class of 2014 will certainly come to mind.

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RSU18 High School, Central Maine; The EAGLES
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4 Responses to Senior Prank… (s)

  1. Jennifer McGee says:

    What clever students they are! Fun and “tasteful”! Feel free to leave cupcakes in my office any time! Very good! Thanks for sharing. All of my best to these wonderful grads! Jenny McGee, Atwood Principal

  2. Eunice Spooner says:

    Your students really like you, Mr. Moody. This is a very creative idea without harming anyone and I think the harmless “prank” shows how much they respect you. You take the cake when it comes to high school principals.
    Mrs. Spooner

  3. janet Hutchinson says:

    That’s a reflection of their amazing Principal!

  4. Your students love you and in so, showed the respect you deserve. As long as we can keep it
    on the up and up, everythings OK. They show the tact that you show them. Great job at the High School.


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