Budget Vote Today!!! Belgrade, China, Oakland, Sidney, Rome

Today is the district budget vote and I urge you, regardless of your leanings, to get out and vote on the budget.

As a parent and a taxpayer and resident for the past decade, and of course an RSU18 employee, I believe the budget is one that gets us back on track re: appropriate spending for our schools.  I recognize there is an increase this year, but commend the Superintendent for holding the line over the past few years (not all organizations take this approach) and only now asking for an increase when the increase is needed.

For those seeking more information on the budget please take a look at the Superintendent’s recent blog post:  http://rsu18supt.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/rsu-18-budget-vote-on-tuesday-may-27th-important-vote/

At MHS we have worked very hard to improve instruction while balancing the needs of our students and faculty, and transitioning towards proficiency in a way that makes sense for us.  This budget will allow us to continue to work towards balance in the interests of our students and community.  I urge you to get out and vote today!


Jon Moody


Review of budget history for the past five years:

RSU18 Budget Change History

Link to prior post on the budget with historical spending information.

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