MHS Student makes it Big in Russia!

Our own Gabrielle Perkins is seen below, featured in the Portland Monthly, with the likes of Richard Blanco, J.J. Abrams, Brett Brown and Jessica Meir.  Not only was she featured along side these and other tremendously accomplished Mainers, she was selected as the #1 Most Intriguing for 2013!

Gabrielle Perkins of Oakland is featured as #1 in Maine's most Interesting People!

Gabrielle Perkins of Oakland is featured as #1 in Maine’s Most Interesting People!

Perkins worked hard in her schooling, as well as her ballet, by taking courses this spring and summer to allow her to keep her standing as a senior and be on track to graduate with her peers in the spring of 2014.

In the fall, our students had the pleasure of welcoming Olympian Julia Clukey to the MHS PAC.  In her talk, she explained to us that she wasn’t special, she was normal.  What was special about her was that she had a goal, stuck to it, had support, and worked tremendously hard to attain her goals.  Gabrielle is certainly on of our own examples of what a student can accomplish when she puts her mind to it and focuses on a goal.   We couldn’t be more proud of her and what she has accomplished.  Gabrielle is one of many amazing students at Messalonskee!

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