Messalonskee Rocks the House!

The Messalonskee High School faculty chose to start school a little differently this year…

Thank you to the amazing staff that helped make this such a special start to the year (and who weren’t afraid to laugh at themselves – although they may not have thought I’d put it on Youtube… )

Here’s to a Rock’n 2013-14 school year!

About Messalonskee High School

RSU18 High School, Central Maine; The EAGLES
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12 Responses to Messalonskee Rocks the House!

  1. Kathy Levesque says:

    That was great! Too bad Mrs. Mayo is so shy… : )

  2. S Thorne says:

    Love this! Thank you for being so cool!

  3. Jill Hall says:

    So awesome!!!! Well done Messalonskee staff!

  4. Cindy Wilkie says:

    Made me smile and laugh! Humor and smiles need to fill the world and the Messalonskee teaching staff certainly provided both with this kick off:)

  5. Bill Hathaway says:

    Out teachers at Messalonskee have been cool since the first day Messalonskee opened her doors for all to learn and become a small school family. Go Eagles!

  6. Bill Hathaway says:

    I should have said, “OUR”

  7. Suzanne Jenney says:

    That was a great!!! I wish they had done that when I was in school. Class of ’77. Wonderful beginning. Good Job Messalonskee staff!

  8. Tammy Sirois says:

    ❤ it!! we didn't get that when I was in school!!

  9. Morgan Clements says:

    I’m so impressed! nice job everyone!

  10. Helvi says:

    This was so AWESOME!!! I loved it and it made me remember my good times at MHS! 🙂
    @ Mme Boisvert: You rock! I got so excited when I realized that it was you in the first row!
    I’m wishing all a wonderful school year!!!

  11. Exceptional..what a GREAT way to start the school year, Messalonskee staff…..& Jon! You all ROCK!

  12. Marshalyn Baker says:

    What a great start to the year. All the best to the Messalonskee staff and students!

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