Informing YOU about Customized Learning

As you know, RSU18 is moving to a competency based system that customized learning for our students.  We have done a great deal on the blog to share this with students, parents and the community and are eager to share our new endeavor to share our work and allow others to engage in the discussion.  We will be sharing an article or video a week through the remainder of the year to increase exposure to the underlying tenets of Customized Learning.  These likely will not be specific to Messalonskee, but should increase the understanding of what is going on around the world with this shifting approach to proficiency (shifting essentially from the perspective of “we taught it” to “they learned it”).

Additionally, we will be posting videos and information specific to Messalonskee High School’s shift to customized learning.  All of this will be housed on two pages in the top “menu” portion of this blog under either Customized Learning Resources or “PBCL at MHS” (Proficiency/Performance Based Customized Learning).

We are eager to hear from you about any of our work and urge you to call us, complete any of the surveys we have posted online, or come in to see us.  This work is exciting, and together we can make education that much better for our children!

Jon Moody

About Messalonskee High School

RSU18 High School, Central Maine; The EAGLES
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