RSU18 Customized Learning Update

As we have made parents aware in our two parent informational nights this Fall, implementation of our new curriculum and the shift to customized learning at Messalonskee is well under way.  Grades K-8, who have been tracking students on standards all year, are rolling out “educate” reporting for parents in early 2013.   Educate is a software program designed to help report out on a students progress in attaining learning targets as they move through the curriculum.   Below is a link to a U-Stream podcast put out by Mr. Hatch, MMS Principal, that has a great deal of information on this new reporting tool. (this will provide perspective on what is being done currently K-8)

At MHS we are preparing to track students on learning targets (Synonymous with learning standards) starting next year.  Three key factors are necessitating this shift: 1) the State Law requiring all High Schools to issue standards-based diplomas starting with the class of 2017 (next year’s Freshmen class), 2) Our RSU18 District Vision (click to view), and 3) The incoming students that have been tracked on standards.  We are excited about this transition and welcome any parent & student input that you can give us.  (survey monkey released in October: )

Additionally, we have begun to work with students at MHS to inform them of both the purpose and benefits of customizing their learning.  We have utilized assemblies to talk to students about what this means for them and will be having meetings during Home Room to continue the discussions.  We are also starting a student book talk in January to explore more deeply the topic.  Students who participate in this book talk will receive 1/2 elective credit for successful completion of the talk and discussion.

Messalonskee is an amazing institution of learning and we are excited about how customizing learning for our students will provide them even more opportunities to excel during and after their time at MHS!

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RSU18 High School, Central Maine; The EAGLES
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