Prom 2012: Light Up The Night!

By:  Shawna Oliver, Class of 2013 Secretary & Guest Blogger

We(the junior class officers) knew we had to do something extraordinary to draw the students to our prom this year. Recently attendance to school dances has dropped dramatically, and in order to make one of our biggest project graduation fundraisers successful, we had to make a change. That change is being brought to us with the help of Northeast DJ’s, a Maine based DJ company.

We came across Northeast DJ’s when our prom advisor was searching the internet for “Techno” themed dances. The recent drop in dance attendance is mainly based on the ban of ‘grinding’. Northeast DJ’s had posted a blog titled ‘School Dances Coming to A Grinding Halt? Maybe Not!’. After reading this article, we knew they are exactly what we need to make our Prom one that we will never forget.

By using a jaw-dropping light show, spectacular playlist, and screens projecting music videos and live footage of what is happening on the dance floor, Northeast DJ’s makes you feel as though you are a part of their show, not just another face in the crowd. They are working with us to create exactly the environment we need for the students who attend our dance to be more than satisfied. After all, Messalonskee High School is all about Voice and Choice, right?

I strongly believe that this dance will bring the MHS student body closer. After discussing it, the class officers decided that our goal for this prom was not to raise a tremendous amount of money, although that would be an added bonus. Our goal for Prom 2012 is to bring back dances at Messalonskee High School with a bang. We want to make dances, especially Prom, what they should be, a night that can not compare to any other.

Students, if you don’t already have your ticket, I suggest you think about purchasing one. Parents, teachers, and whoever else may be reading this, don’t you wish you were still in high school? With the help of Northeast DJ’s, the Messalonskee Class of 2013 will be sure to make Prom 2012, a night that you will never forget. If you hear loud music coming from the Belgrade Center for All Seasons on Saturday, May 12, no need to worry, it’s just us having the time of our lives. I personally can not wait.

About Messalonskee High School

RSU18 High School, Central Maine; The EAGLES
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