Seniors: Graduation Time is upon us!

Below is a list of information pertaining to Seniors and their events over the last few weeks of school.  Please contact any of our faculty or staff if you have any questions.


May 3, 2012

 Dear Seniors and their Families,

It is that time, when you and your senior student reflect back on the past 18 years and wonder where did the time go! Graduation for the Class of 2012 is only weeks away and we wanted to share with you some important information as well as thank you for allowing us to work with your sons and daughters.

The class of 2012 is a tremendous group of young men and women.  Over their four years at Messalonskee they have contributed immensely to our school.  Just this year we have been privy to witnessing them give of themselves in community activities throughout our local towns, in clubs, school-wide projects, performances in and out of our state at local and world-class venues, on the athletic field, and most recently at a world championship event.  Regardless of their individual influences, the collective contributions of the class of 2012 will be in our minds and hearts for years to come.

We are particularly proud of this group of seniors, as we have been afforded the opportunity to watch them change and grow since their years at the Middle School.  In the fall we challenged both them and their classmates to take ownership of and action in our school.  Whether it was Homecoming, raising money for community causes, painting day or Ripple Dipple, our seniors met the challenge time and time again this year.  Together with the underclassmen (and the tremendous support of you, their families) they have worked with faculty to help grow in our school what we have come to call Eagle Pride.

It is in the Eagle Pride spirit that we write this letter to you and ask that you help continue the expectation of excellence that has been set by our seniors.  We have high hopes for this year’s graduation.  Starting in the beginning of the year and continuing with what is now bi-weekly meetings, we have met with seniors to honor what they have to say about graduation.  Together we have talked about reinventing a ceremony that for quite some time has not been as reflective of Eagle Pride as they believe it should be.  Just recently at one of our senior meetings a student got an ovation from her classmates for sharing her desire to have such an event, filled with a level of class that is truly reflective of our school, our faculty, and our seniors.

To the families and loved ones of our seniors, we would like to thank you for all you have done for our school, and more importantly, our soon to be MHS graduates.  The next few weeks will be tremendously exciting (as well as stressful) for our Seniors.  There are a large number of events coming up and we encourage you to review the calendar and contact us with any questions that you might have.  Ms. Callan, the administrator in charge of Seniors, has outlined for you those events which are exclusive to the senior class; marching practice, Baccalaureate, last assembly and most importantly graduation.  With your help and encouragement we will surely make these celebrations over the closing weeks ones that will be remembered with pride!

Best wishes,

Jon Moody                               Dan Bowers                              Paula S. Callan

Principal                                   Assistant Principal                      Assistant Principal

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