“The Learning Revolution” in RSU 18

In February I posted the video above as part of my 365TED Experiment – an effort to demonstrate the importance of life-long learning.  This post was significant not only as part of that blog, but also in how it related to the work the district was (and is) doing regarding customized learning.  I urge you to watch (or re-watch if you have been following the Principal’s Blog) this video, as it pertains to the work we are doing at MHS and RSU 18.

Performance Based Customized Learning in the news: Below are articles that have appeared in the news just this past weekend.

March 24th Sentinel Article: Education Revolution in the Making

March 25th Sentinel Articles: Student Choice at center of Proficiency Based Learning, and A Transformation for Teachers

If you are interested in Sir Ken Robinson’s first TED Talk:

From my365 TED Experiment

Follow the blog for future installments of RSU18’s move to Performance Based Customized Learning.

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