Eagle Talon Yearbook Info is Out!

The Eagle Talon Yearbook staff is gearing up for a great year and fantastic 2015 Yearbook!!!
Yearbook information is posted on the MHS website, including downloads of all senior packet information, yearbook ordering, a place to upload photos, and business ad information.

See Mrs. Fenlason or any of the yearbook staff for details!
(As always, if you or others are interested in working on the yearbook contact Mrs. Fenlason, nfenlason@rsu18.org)
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RSU 18 Administrative Team Accepts The Challenge!

Jon Moody:

Mr. Smith took the challenge to a new level taking the Oakland Police Department’s challenge and including all of us (even those who have already been ice’d). Go to the ALS Association website to join in and donate: http://www.alsa.org/ .

Originally posted on rsu18supt:

Yesterday the Oakland Police Department challenged the RSU 18 Administrative Team to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in Support of ALS research.  This morning we met the challenge and in turn challenged the AOS92, SAD54 & Sad49 Administrative Teams to do the same.  Guys you have 24 hours!  :>)

Enjoy the video!

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Ice Bucket Challenge

“Why would anyone video themselves dumping a bucket of ice over their heads” – this was my comment to my wife who showed me a video of someone a few weeks back doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  As a baseball fan and lover of history, Lou Gherig’s earnest and heart warming speech in 1939 was fresh enough in my memory that I recognized what ALS was and understood the cause – but still, a bucket of ice & water?

Then, upon being nominated, I thought of the speeches I’ve given to our students (some not so interesting I recognize…) about stepping up and making a difference one person at a time, and what seemed an important cause but not personal, became personal.

So… Below is my ice bucket challenge.  I encourage anyone who reads this post to step up and give of themselves to help others.  Whether it be donating to the ALS foundation as I did as part of this challenge, or mowing a lawn for someone in need, giving is good and I encourage you to follow suit as it is part of what makes our community so special.


Note: I look forward to seeing Ms. Callan, Mr. Bowers, Mr. Smith, and Mrs. McCarthy’s post.  Check out SRO Frost’s video as he joined the Oakland Police Department in doing the challenge yesterday.

Go to the ALS Association website to donate and join in!  http://www.alsa.org/ 

I look forward to seeing everyone next week as we start another amazing school year – Go Eagles!



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Learning model sounds familiar.

Jon Moody:

Great post by Carl Gartley, Principal of China Middle School. We look forward to seeing everyone in just over a week!

Originally posted on China Middle School:

There has been a lot of conversation over the past couple of years about our new model of education.     Over the past few weeks, as the start of school has approached, I have heard or read about several online educational options for kids.   Some of these commercials are national programs, and others local.    One thing I’ve noticed as I hear about these options: they are all trying to sell themselves with a message that is very similar to what we are doing at China Middle School.   Pay attention to these commercials for online learning sites, I hope you will see what I mean.

Our goal is simple, we want to look at your child as an individual learner, figure out exactly what he or she is ready to learn, and move them forward as quickly as we can.   But in the process, ensure that each learning goal is learned…

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Summer Letter: the 2014-15 School Year is Right Around the Corner!

School is right around the corner and for those who were not mailed the summer letter on the fifth of August we wanted to post the letter with details here.  Please do take the time to review some of what we will be focusing on this year!  

Freshmen:  We look forward to seeing you on Thursday the 28th!

All Students: We will see you on Friday the 29th!

If you have questions about your schedules or need any assistance please give our guidance office a call directly at: 207-465-4989

MHS Summer Letter

Parents: We hope you’ll take part in our monthly parent advisory meetings this year – our first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 9/9/14.

See you in two weeks!

Mr. M

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Messalonskee Seminars Explained

On the heels of leaving a wonderful presentation by Ms. Callan and Ms. Gilles on the seminars happening at Messalonskee High I wanted to provide some information for those outside our district on Seminars.

Seminar Pic

What is a Seminar?
The faculty at MHS created seminars as a way to provide students with shorter learning experiences that can provide choice, meet their interests, and allow for increased rigor in cross- content learning experiences. Listening to students, we found out that whether a student was taking full-year algebra or an AP course – their elective options were being limited. This approach allows students to take more learning experiences (basically mini courses) while in high school. This isimportant for a variety of reasons including… 1) it allows them to experience more content and develop a broader education base in high school, 2) it allows students to have a better understanding of what their educational interests are and hopefully assists them in making more informed post-secondary decisions, and 3) allows students additional locations to demonstrate proficiency in those standards they have not yet mastered.  All-in-all, seminars are a really cool way to experience a variety of learning opportunities without locking down a large portion of a student’s schedule.


Seminar 101:

-       Seminars are designed to be fun and engaging

-       Seminars are built from and focused on curricular learning targets (goals)

-       For the purpose of a transcript, seminars are either pass-fail or 0-100 per student request to be determined within the first five days of a seminar.

-       Seminars are cross-disciplinary learning experiences that include work toward learning targets from multiple content areas.

-       Seminars are scored based on effort, engagement, and progress toward meeting learning targets. Student scores will be determined by a student’s individual learning plan.

-       3 Seminars slots will be offered per-period, per-semester. A student must sign up for 2, to be considered enrolled in a course for that period (eligibility).

The key here is two-fold, having student interest and choice match up with what students need to learn and be able to do in High School.  As we move forward at MHS our teachers are working to take these seminars and student interests and create learning experiences that can meet “core” requirements for graduation.  This means that what started purely interest based will become learning structure that allows students far more choice in creating learning pathways that move them through their learning to graduation.  Our hope is that this allows learners up and down the spectrum of abilities to access learning experiences that broaden their knowledge base, provide greater variety (to ultimately help inform their post-secondary plans, interests…), and leverage interest and readiness to provide for a truly robust high school experience.


To  find info on our 2014-15 Seminar offerings check out:

2014-15_Seminar Descriptions


For our planning tool:

2013-14_MHS Seminar Planning Template

For resources from Ms. Gilles’s presentation: (email q’s to cgilles@rsu18.org )

RSU 18 Seminar Planning- Gilles



transcription translation

If you have further questions do not hesitate to email our presenters or contact me directly at jmoody@rsu18.org or call me at school 207-465-7381!


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Maine robotics teams excel at world championships

Jon Moody:

MHS Robotics makes headlines again!

Originally posted on Maine DOE Newsroom:

Robotics teams from eight schools represented Maine well at three recent world championships: FIRST Robotics, VEX Robotics and FIRST Lego League.

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