Homecoming Update (Thursday Edition)

Our Homecoming week dominance continues as the Field Hockey team chalked up a win last night to continue our undefeated streak on the week.  We hope to see everyone out at tonight’s Homecoming Football game as our boys look to continue the success with a huge group of fans cheering them on.

Some Homecoming Highlights:

Students: If you have video footage of any of the other events please do send them to Mrs. George or Myself.

Points Update: (thank you to Ryan McCarthy for catching a one point mistake between the sophomores and freshmen!)

Homecoming Points Thursday

We hope to see everyone out in force in their Red, White, and Blue today!

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Homecoming Points Update

First off, congratulations to our Golf, and Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams, who each secured victories in their homecoming games so far this week.  Today is Field Hockey at 4:00 right at MHS!

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The Battle of the Classes:

This Year’s events have been wonderful to see, from yesterday’s tug-of-war to the school color days, to the human chain etc.  Wow!  You would be impressed with the level of school pride shown by our students.  Yesterday over 80 percent of the students and staff dressed up for the “Black-Out” and we are hoping that today – a day where every student and staff member was asked to bring in food items to kick-off our food drive early – will end up being the highest participation rate yet!

The Seniors hold the top spot, but as you can see from the daily totals there is quite a battle going on between the classes for points.  Here are the results for the competition so far:

Homecoming Points

A special “THANK YOU”! goes out to our Student Council, our staff, and Ms. Colby (SC Advisor) who have worked so hard to organize the events for the week.

Please do support our efforts by sending in non-perishable food items (all for local food banks) this week and through the months of October and November.  And of course…  We hope to see you at MHS for our events and at Colby, where our cross country teams will be competing this weekend.  At MHS our Field Hockey team will be competing today at 4:00 and at our Homecoming Football Game is this Friday Night at 7:00.  GO EAGLES!

Final Color Day Events:  Thursday – Food items,   Friday – School Colors

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Messalonskee HS Greenhouse Under Construction

Jon Moody:

Our greenhouse will likely become an integral part of many facets of our school including nutrition!

Originally posted on Nutrition Services:


Messalonskee HS Greenhouse Under Construction.

I am incredibly excited about this project and what it can mean for our learners at MHS and the food that we’ll be offering to our learners in their cafeteria.

I’ve been working closely with Beth and Patty in the kitcchen to coordinate what will be grown in the green house, and how that can be offered to students as part of a meal.

I’m really excited for this opportunity for students observe in the whole system of food from how it is grown, where it comes from, and eventually how it is served to them.  I anticipate that many great things will come from this.  Stay tuned!

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MHS Homecoming 2014

Homecoming is a special time of year at MHS and this year has started off as one of our best.  From the hallways to the pep-rally, parade and bonfire, our MHS community has really stepped up!

Some thank you’s…  To our parents and community members who were out in force helping decorate and support our students.  Even though we know you do a lot, I don’t think we can really conceptualize how much you do during weeks like this.  Thank you!  To our young athletes and their coaches and parents from across the district.  Thank you!  To our local police and fire departments – thank you for your continued support of the schools whenever we ask or need it!  To our local businesses who help support MHS – like Hammond Lumber who donated the trucks and drivers for our parade, we can’t say enough!   To our faculty, ed-tech’s, coaches, custodians, kitchen staff…  the spirit you have shown already this week is a real motivator for our students.  And finally, to our students – You are what it is for, and when we see you step up as you have done this year, with higher numbers of students participating in our homecoming activities than ever…  That’s what EAGLE PRIDE is about.

Here’s an example of a little bit of the Spirit that has swept across MHS so far this week!

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So – For the week’s events!

Saturday 9-20-2014: For those of you fortunate enough to have attended our Home Robotics event (unfortunately I missed it for the first time) you would have been wow’d by one of the most impressive competitive environments you’ll ever see.  I would encourage you to check out the Pine Tree Event later this year.

Monday:  Varsity Golf home to Cony, JV Football home to Mt. Blue.  Check out their schedules as these athletes will be competing again in the future and would love your support!

Tuesday: Boys Soccer Home to Brewer (Varsity 3:30, JV 5:00), JV Golf Home to Cony (3:30), Field Hockey Home to Brunswick at Thomas College (Varsity 6:30, JV 7:45)

Wednesday:  Girls Soccer Home to Oxford Hills (Varsity 3:30, JV 5:00)

Thursday:  Field Hockey Home to Edward Little (Varsity 4:00, JV 5:30)

Friday:  Homecoming Football Game – Varsity Football Home to Brewer (7:00)

Saturday:  Women & Men’s Cross-Country at Colby (10:00 men, 10:30 women), Homecoming Dance (Chaperones welcome!) 8:00 – 11:00.


Thank you to everyone for a great start to our Homecoming week.  We hope to see you out at all our events, especially the Homecoming Football Game where we can really see our community support on display as our classes fundraise and show their pride while we all cheer on our Eagles to victory!


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Messalonskee Robotics Opens at Home: “Mainely Spirit”

Come check out the Messalonskee High School Robotics team this Saturday! Team 2648, Infinite Loop is hosting a robotics event right here at our High School! The event starts at 8:30 A.M. and admission is free! There will be food and drinks sold in the cafeteria. The event lasts until 5 P.M. come and sop by at anytime!  (By: Michael Viens, Team Member)

The RobotThis event Kick’s off MHS’s Homecoming week.  We hope to see you on Monday for the Parade and Bonfire (6:00), as well as at the many events during the week!


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All Sports Boosters

As many are aware our All-Sports Boosters program has had some challenges this fall, and I wanted to address them as well as the steps we, at MHS, are going to take to ensure that the program continues to positively serve our students as it has consistently done during the many years its been in existence.

A key point: Messalonskee will have an All-Sports Boosters program, not separate boosters programs. This is an important point as it is one that is grounded both in terms of what is best for kids, as well as what makes sense legally, ethically and pragmatically.


It is import to state at the outset that it isn’t anyone’s fault that Boosters is at this place that it is at. It’s certainly not the fault of the officers and volunteers who have given their time on behalf of the program. The current issues are the result of a lack of involvement.


How do we get back on the right track?

When a student brings a problem to me I ask some questions:

  1. Ask the student questions like: What role did you play in the situation and what could you have done differently?
  2. And then I ask: What are you going to do differently now to ensure the outcome you are looking for comes to fruition?

As I answer these questions for myself I think – “What should I be doing to help ensure our Boosters program is successful?”, “How could I have better communicated the importance of this being an all-sports Boosters – one that unites our programs under our school slogan… EAGLE PRIDE?”, “How will our school better help to facilitate this great work that benefits our students?”


Next Steps?

We are holding a Boosters meeting on Monday, September 29, at 6:00 in our Library. We will begin by talking a little about the history and impact of the All-Sports Boosters as well as the school’s perspective on why the group must remain an all-sports program. From here it is my hope that we can talk about what we need to do to make the program successful and sustainable. We will discuss the challenges that the group has faced and work to begin to establish a plan to address them.  We believe that this collaborative approach is the best way to ensure that our All-Sports Boosters Program is here to benefit all Messalonskee athletes for years to come.


I hope to see you on the night of the 29th!


Thank you,

Jon Moody


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MHS September Students of the Month

MHS began honoring a student of the month starting in 2012 and has grown the program to include a monthly student honoree from each class.  On Friday, September 12th, we were pleased to announce our first SOM recipients of the 2014-15 school year.



As has become the tradition at MHS – Marissa, Jarrod, Jack and Hannah were welcomed to the stage with raucous applause from the entire school as their families joined them on stage for this honor.   In addition to fast-break cafe certificates, T-shirts, and SOM awards certificates, recipients receive donations from local businesses as well as being awarded special parking privileges at school (yes, applies only to those who drive…).  We encourage anyone (business or individual) who is interested in supporting the school’s effort to honor students through the SOM process to contact the school directly to talk about how they could help.


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